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Ranting mostly about the Busch Race.

I hate TNT and NBC coverage.

Green Green Green!!
Poor Mayfield. Get's busted jumping the green, then get's busted while serving his penalty for speeding. All in the first 10 or so laps...
AHHH Carl!! Way to keep it straight through the grass. Which was pretty cool. They said something about him being the only one that was messed up, like meaning wrecking or almost. I think he's one of the few who is capable of keeping it out of the wall and in a relatively straight line. Thanks a lot Shrub. But as long as Carl ends up in the points lead again.
Now Kyle had a flat then got caught speeding.
And the stupid neighbors keep firing off those stupid fireworks.
And to add to the Carl bad luckness... Sterling hits the wall. Wonderful. Which traps both Carl and Brian a lap down. Lovely.
"The Caution Car" Ha. Another reason why I say, "Bring back Fox." Stupid.
Now instead of random in car audio from trackpass, I have a busy signal....
I'm wondering when someone's going to do something stupid.... I just hope it doesn't involve my boys....
Now they're showing Cup stuff. Useful. Not.
Carl avoided yet another wreck. Way to go boy.
This is insane.... This is gonna get messy. Huge pack of cars all running really close.... Told ya. Only one car though... Kasey got into Michel, turned him around. Carl just misses the wreck... again. Poor Michel. He was running 13th.
C'mon Greg!! And Kenny!! C'mon Ford boys, work together!!
Uh-oh. Green white checkered... Johnny wrecked.... :( Jon wrecked. Stupid LaJoie. Why can't people ever let poor Brian finish a race? And Carl. Man, when it rains, it pours. NBC annoys me. They say people make it through a wreck and then they go back to show the in car and it turns out that they didn't make it through after all. When does Fox come back?
Johnny did make it through!!! Yay.
Let's see. Out of my boys (Carl, Jon, Greg, Johnny, Brian), three of them have been victims of stupidity. Carl got to take a field trip through the grass, and Jon and Brian got wrecked when LaJoie came down on Jon.
Did you know that when there's a big gap in the concrete barrier, it's not good to hit it? I just learned that from the TNT/NBC people.
It's such a shame people won't work with Greg. It may be because he's a threat. It may be because he's missed races and yet he's still in 11th place in the points. And it also may because they don't want to win. Oh well. Hey look, Kenny's running 4th!
I know why Truex won... Because underneath, he's really Mark Martin... Haha.
Well, I'm gonna go so I don't go off on a tangent about how I loathe TNT. Stupid.


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