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Packing... and more packing...

I'm leaving for Florida in 6 days and a couple of hours. I won't be back till the 7th of August. Then I get to leave for school the 8th. I get to go back a whole 3 weeks early because I'm an RA, which is a resident assistant for all of yinz that don't know. It's great. I love it. But, from what I hear, we won't have our computers, and most importantly internet access for those 2 and a half or so weeks. So if you don't see me for the whole month of August, do not fear, I'm okay, just not around a computer with internet access.
So now, I have to pack everything for vacation and school before Thursday night. Which is probably not going to happen.... I just now started going through all the stuff that I swore would already be put away months ago. Yes, my new middle name is now Procrastinator. Seriously. But at least I already starting packing for Florida. I have to go shopping, hopefully tomorrow, to get three or four things I need for school, that I either don't have and need (like an iron and ironing board, one of those cute little ones, laundry stuff, and more contacts.) or that the dogs ripped up. (like my comfy egg crate mattress pad. I can at least feel better knowing my dogs had a blast ripping it up... It was in tiny little pieces all over the gameroom floor and the dogs tried to play some more when I went to clean it up. That and the posters. And a book my mum got me. Dumb dogs.) All that, and I need to get my prescription refilled again (I just got it filled, but I'm going to not be able to make it home to pick it up when I need it.)
All that, plus packing and three more days of work, plus 2 days in a car, until Florida. Woohoo. I should just stay up all night and sleep the whole way to North Carolina, where we're stopping because we have family there who are nice enough to put up with us for the night. But then I wouldn't get to drive. Usually, I wouldn't care, but we're taking my car. And I have this thing with other people driving my car. I just hate having people drive Elliott(my car!!) and it not being me. I don't know why. My parents are the only ones allowed to even think about driving it without telling me. Then every once in a while Dan Dan will drive it because I take what he usually drives, the truck.
I should really be getting all the stuff off my bed and going to sleep, but I'm not. I need to get out of this stay up late, sleep even later routine. It's starting to bug me.
Man, I have to work tomorrow, or rather, later today, Sunday, and Tuesday. Then I'm done. Till semester break anyway.



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